Where should you focus your content marketing efforts?

Our trends report will help you answer that question.


Content is everywhere these days, and it is being generated at exponential rates. In a single day, 55 million Facebook statuses, 95 million Instagram posts and 500 million tweets are published. You may wonder if it's worth the time to compete with all the noise. Considering that content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing, and is three times more effective at generating leads, we'd say the answer is yes, but your chances of cutting through the noise increases with a sound strategy in place. 

Our B2B Content Marketing Trends Report will:

  • Show you what content formats resonate best for B2B audiences
  • Help you decide on which channels to focus your efforts
  • Reveal the most common content program challenges for B2B marketers
  • Discuss the content trends you'll want to keep an eye on