Simplify your pitches to be successful

Media-Pitching-Template_0515-1Does pitching the media feel daunting at times?

Like many of your PR peers, you’re under a lot of pressure to get media coverage and you have a lot of information that you want to share.

Download our template and tips to learn how to write a pitch that delivers the need-to-know info in a clear and concise way.

In this download you will learn:

  1. To make your pitch clear and concise
  2. The questions you should answer to develop a strong pitch
  3. Strategies to get reporters to pay attention and open your emails

Collectively, at the Hodges Partnership we’ve pitches tens of thousands of stories and reporters. Over the years we discovered that the use of tried-and-true techniques will lead to media relations success. (Patience is also a best practice! Trust us.)